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What's the point of being creative...

If there’s no-one to tell us that we’re fucking crazy?
What is Framework?
An ecosystem for personal development, professional growth and creative expression.

As artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers and storytellers we are often used only as tools to reach commercial goals. Making a living through creative expression should be a liberating and fulfilling experience.

Framework is a journey of self-discovery and expression. We empower and educate creative people to explore who they are without fear of judgement or fear of failure. Uncover your value and start creating work that means something.

A space to feel connected in a world that’s pretty disconnected right now

We're a global community of creatives who understand the effects of isolation and the power of collaboration, feedback and accountability.

We exist to help you connect with industry experts, as well as inexperienced creatives who all share a goal of making creative expression a lifestyle, not just a career. This is a space to be yourself, receive support and give back without expectation, making the creators journey feel warm and fuzzy instead of lonely and terrifying.

Events that leave a mark
Workshops, mental health discussions and practical challenges that prepare you for industry.

We help you connect with industry experts, as well as inexperienced creatives who all share a goal of making creative expression a lifestyle, not just a career.

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You’re making a commitment to yourself and to our dedicated members.

We’ve made this mentorship community free so you’re not limited by what you can afford. But if you value being a part of this community, we ask that you share your experiences, thoughts and ideas generously so others can learn and be inspired.

Group mentoring, accountability and active support for creatives serious about stepping up.

This exclusive group of creative professionals setting ambitious goals and helping each other achieve them.

This is a place to test ideas, find collaborators, and get the peer-support that can be so hard to come by as a freelancer or employee in a large organisation. Joining the Collective means not just exploring your creativity but making a commitment to growing your practice and making a real impact.

A 5-week mentorship program to discover your creative identity.

As creators, we’re often taught to narrow down our niche, to empathise with customer pain points, to raise our prices without feeling guilty. But that’s difficult if we haven’t taken the time to define ourselves and our practice.

Cohort is a quickfire course to help you define your creative identity and scream it from the rooftops. Learn how to better understand your clients, and have your clients better understand your work.

Live scenes
Breakout Rooms
FEBUARY 10-11 2022
A guide to finding your own path on the creative journey. Real Creatives. Real Stories.

In February of 2022, hear how creatives overcame their own struggles to find success in their careers and joy in their creative practice.

Listen to approachable, relatable stories told by creatives that work in the real world. Because finding your feet in the creative industry is about more than just being Insta-famous.

Framework Members

Joining Framework enabled me to communicate, discuss and prioritise all the concepts and strategies which were half-baked in my head.

Olivia Rinato
Learning Designer

Framework is more ike a family than an online community. Minus the creepy uncles and tiger mums. 0% bullshit, 100% vibe, 10% maths equations.

Josh Leeman
Graphic Designer

The online Framework community has been a source of strength, support and social interaction. It’s more than the sum of its parts - it’s a home to all who come.

Imogen Baker
Are Framework events free?

Yes. All current Framework events are free for members of the community. Once you sign up you’ll have full access.

What if I can’t make that time slot?

Most Framework events are recorded, and replays are accessibe to all members. And if you really want to attend a certain event live, just let us know and we might be able to schedule another time slot that suits you.

Do I need to be an experienced creative?

No. Framework is open to anyone who identifies as a creative person and is aspiring to build a creative career.

What if this is all too overwhelming?

Don’t worry! Just come along to the How to cope with feeling overwhelmed event and we can work through it together.

Become the creative you're meant to be
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