Discomfort matters

It’s what helps you reach places that most people never will.
What is Collective?
An exclusive membership group of creative professionals who are serious about helping each other blow up professionally.

Curiosity can only get you so far. Growth takes action. And taking that courageous next step means leaving yourself open to failure and feeling like you’re not quite good enough.

Collective is a group of creatives daring to push through the discomfort of vulnerability. Meet people who not only know what you’re going through, but will go to war to help you reach your goals.

Own your strengths and weaknesses
It takes courage to acknowledge what you’re good at and what you suck at. Collective gives you a supportive structure to manage your weaknesses and turn your strengths into opportunities. Understand what drives you and how you can impact the world.
Learn how to build better connections
Understand your communication style and practice those listening skills. Collective will help you to be more considerate with your communication, leading to deeper connections with your clients, your creative peers, and your audience.
Take action to reach your creative goals
Get just the right amount of structure to bring progress without overwhelm. Collective gives you accountability through a group of creatives determined to grow together. Organised challenges and sprints, with help from experienced creative mentors.
Pro Coaching
Direct access to creative mentors who have experienced what you're going through.

Get unstuck and figure out your next move with support from creative mentors that have experience in everything from freelance to agency ownership. Whether you need help making a big decision, setting some priorities, or just need to talk things through.

Embrace discomfort
This is not a place to sit back and wait for inspiration to come.

What’s the point of a safety net if you aren't going to do something risky? We’ll push you to put yourself out there and try something scary that has no guarantees. Because real change only comes when you embrace the discomfort.

Tell us what you want to do. We’ll make sure you actually do it.

Set clear goals and get the support you need to keep putting one foot in front of the other. You’ll have a whole team of allies to help you stay focussed and motivated.


If you want to grow, join Collective. You’ll be challenged in ways you never imagined, but there will be a creative group supporting you on that journey.

Rodrigo Blergh

This is a really interactive, intimate program and I wasn’t expecting to be challenged as much as I was - in a good way of course!

Genevieve Lawlor
Agency Account Manager

A space that doesn't feel transactional and where people are genuinely interested in your business? Tick. A community where you'll grow personally, and develop into a more successful human? Even bigger tick.

Jimmy Ness
Writer & Researcher
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If you’re ready to get serious about your career, come be a part of something real.

Collective is a supportive and non-judgemental environment where you are encouraged to be vulnerable and brave. You’ll have access to a brains trust of talented creatives and mentors 24/7. But that means you need to put in the time and the effort in to push yourself.

How much does it cost?

$89 AUD per month. That's about the cost of your daily coffee or herbal tea. This includes your membership to the community and direct access to mentors. You can cancel any time and there is no long term commitment.

How much coaching do I get?

We catch up together weekly. Wherever possible we involve the broader group so we can learn from each other, but you’ll have direct access to personal mentors also.

Do I need to be experienced?

No. Collective is for anyone ready to start taking their creative career seriously. Just come ready to be bold, be brave, and challenge yourself.

What if I'm in a different timezone?

No problem. People will be calling in and sending Slack messages from all around the world, which means you get some great diversity in perspectives.

Become the creative you're meant to be
Melbourne, Australia 3000